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S he finished last year in Laban, Conservatoire of Music and Dance, receiving the Simone Michelle Prize for the outstanding achievement of her choreography which was also the only one (among almost fifty) to be chosen by her colleagues for the final show in the Bonnie Bird Theatre. She has being dreaming of dancing since she was born. She started taking ballet classes at the age of four with Mrs Franca Dugini, étoile of Opera Theatre of Rome, continuing with other styles, such as jazz, hip hop, funky and contemporary dance at Balletto di Roma. Over the years she gained experience both taking part in performances as a dancer and being involved in the organization of the events, as it was the case of the experience at the Opera House in Geneva for the Grand Prix d’Horlogérie. Attending lectures and workshops in different dance styles and in various parts of the world (Italy, England, France, South Africa) has enabled her to gain skills and confidence in the field. Her dancing studies brought her to Laban, where she just completed the Master in Choreography and the One Year Programme/Diploma in Dance Studies. Here she developed her skills and great interest in choreography. She better express herself through movement and transmit energy through the latter. She enjoys and have a passion to create, organize and produce dance performances, export them in the Arab world, particularly in the United Arab Emirates, where she worked as assistant at the Italian Embassy in Abu Dhabi. In this way she could combine her knowledge acquired during the University years, in Political Science and International Relations (Master), and her lifelong passion, dance.
Which are her interests?
• exploring new range of movements and limits that our wonderful instrument can achieve;
• the rhythm made by our breath and our body;
• various ways of communications among dancers, using different languages, focus, contact..;
• improvisation and contact improvisation;
• acceleration and deceleration;
• investigate the unconscious and the intimate part of our soul;
• and so more..

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