Dance artist

Performance Experience

Yard Theatre (London, UK) 

July 2012

A piece of Contemporary Dance created by a Laban student performed with the F.L.O.C.K. Company. 

Bonnie Bird Theatre, in Laban (London, UK) 

July 2012

Final year show, “Before done”, created by Contemporary Dance choreographer Lizzi Kew Ross. 

Saint Regis Grand Hotel (Rome, Italy) 

May 2011 

As a soloist dancer accompanying Laura Candy, a singer of Rome. 

San Raffaele Theatre (Rome, Italy) 


Final Year performances. 

Opera Theatre of Geneva (Geneva, Switzerland) 

Dec 2004 

Two Contemporary Dance performances, called “Arrovescio l’Io”, with the “Reverso Company”, led by Diana Florindi, during the “Grand Prix d’Horlogérie”. It is is a contest between high-­‐end watch manufacturers at the Geneva Watch Festival. 

Mediaset National Television Live Show “AMICI” 

Aug 2003 

Live performance after been selected (out of 12,000 participants) in five auditions, in the Category of “Hip-­‐Hop dancer". 

National Theatre (Rome, Italy) 

June 1996-­‐1997 

Final Year Jazz performances for the School of “Balletto di Roma”. 

Manzoni Theatre 

June 1987-­‐1995 

Final Year Shows of Ballet, dancing repertoires such as: “Sleeping Beauty”, “Nutcracker”, “Giselle”, “Swan Lake”. 

Additional Professional Activities

Teaching assistant in Laban, Conservatoire of Music and Dance (London, Uk) 

Oct 2011-­‐ June 2013 

Assistance for Creative Dance Lessons in Laban to children aged 3-­‐12. 

Vancouver City Dance Theatre collaboration 

March 2010-­‐today 

Project to bring to Abu Dhabi, UAE, the VCDT’s performance “Dali Universe”. 

“HAVE A DREAM!”, TV Programme Broadcast on Sky 

Sept 2004 

Audition passed to be part of the students recorded for the Dance TV Programme 

“Rainbow’s Performance Company” 

Dec 2003 

Chosen by the IALS Ballet and Contemporary teacher and choreographer, Oxana Malitskaia, to be one of the dancer of her Company, based in Italy. 

First European Competition “Jazz Dance” Prize (Rome, Italy) 

Jan 1997 

Second place prize won along with the Clodio Fitness Center. 

“Domenica In”, National Television Programme for RAI 1 

Audition passed to be one of the dancer of the Programme.